Running a website is exhausting. Especially when it takes off like wildfire and you have to meet the content demand that you created.

I couldn’t do it. I wanted to, but being in control of everything wore me down.

I wanted another place to write, where I could just focus on content, but there aren’t many websites that you can say “Yeah I ran a blog once.” and they’ll trip over themselves to open the door.

Then I was told I could write a column for the News Democrat and Leader.

Right? I thought the same thing. I don’t fit the brand. That’s a NEWS paper and I write sarcasm filled comedic masterpieces. I foresaw getting demolished in the comment section. The persona I created for The Chief isn’t something everyone wants to taste.

But I didn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and wrote an article about running over dogs.

Up to this point, and it’s still early, I’ve been called heartless, trash, a joke, cruel, and compassionless.

I love it.

I love exploiting people’s inability to take a joke. It’s why I started in the first place. We live in a world that’s always ready to be offended and it never ceases to amaze me and just how little it takes to make people tick.

Six people so far have left less than favorable responses, but there have been over 11 shares and 25 likes.

The numbers don’t lie. Comedy is still King, but the offended will always be the loudest.

We only get one chance to breathe oxygen and you’re going to waste some of yours huffing over something someone wrote?

See ya next week.