We haven’t spoken in a while. That’s on me. I’ve been covered up with no time to write. When I have had time to write, I’ve elected sleep. Sue me.

That ends today because I have the mother of all events to tell you about. An event where a man can relive his childhood memories. An event where children can find their heroes. An event where wives will roll their eyes and ask how much longer you plan to stay every five minutes.

This event is the Borderland’s Comic Book Show.

Exactly one week from today, at the Logan County Extension Office, Russellville’s very own Comic-Con kicks off.

Those who are interested in comic books and comic book culture will gather to buy and trade comics and collectibles. They will be able to converse with experts, creators, collectors, artists, writers, and other fans.

That’s a lot of badassery under one roof.

Growing up I not only idolized Ken Griffey Jr, Michael Jordan, and Steve McNair; I also admired Spiderman, Batman, and Superman.

Well, I liked Spiderman till they chose that beta Tobey Maguire to play him in the movie. Mary Jane was too good for him and everyone knows it.

It’s strange how every hero has weaknesses, fictional or not.

Griffey Jr.-Injuries. Jordan-Baseball. McNair-Concussions. Superman-Kryptonite. Batman-Human. Spiderman-Beta.

That’s irrelevant but note-worthy. Really put’s life into perspective.

Perhaps comic books don’t turn your crank. Let’s think about something that turns everyones crank, money. This comic book show will have collectible toys and comics, and while I have no clue what specific ones will be there, I’ll bet some are worth some cash. If not now, toys and comics age like wine, they get better with time.

For instance, remember Furby? The furry electronic pet that kids had to have back in the late 90’s? They sell for about $300 now. The rare black and pink one will go for about $1,000. That will help keep the power on.

That’s light work compared to Star Wars action figures from 1978 which sell for around $10,000 or certain comic books that have sold for over a million dollars.

Go to college they said. Get a job they said. Invest in the market they said.

Piss on that. Seems to me like I had it figured out when I was 8 years old buying comics and toys.

With Christmas right around the corner, what better gift to get your child than a gift that could be worth hundreds, thousands, or more down the road. You’re welcome parents, I just simplified your Christmas shopping. While everyone else is knifing their neighbor at Walmart on Black Friday, you’ll be in the safe confines of your home wrapping up collectable investments into your child’s future.

Let’s stretch that dollar a bit more. Do you still have that awesome costume from halloween? It sucks to spend all that money on something your kids are only going to wear one time. Seems like a bad investment to me.

Well scrape the dried suckers and tootsie rolls off of it because at the Borderland’s Comic Book Show there will be a costume contest for kids 12 and under! The winner of the costume contest will receive a prize pack of collectible comics and toys.

In 20 years who knows what that package will be worth. As we said on the podcast, you may be able to sell those off later in life to pay for college, wedding(s), a first car, or to post bond!

You laugh now, but do we really know how junior is going to turn out? He has taken a strange interest in matches lately…

No matter if you are a comic book or toy collector, a Dungeons and Dragons OG, a board game connoisseur, a fan of marvel movies, or just someone with nothing to do, make your way down the the Logan County Extension Office this Saturday, November 17th from 10am-5pm. They truly have something for everyone.

Be sure to tell them The Oakdale sent you and your admission will be free.

Or don’t.

Admission is free either way.

For more information, be sure to visit the Borderlands Comic Book Show on Facebook.

**This is an advertisement for the Borderlands Comic Book Show. For advertising inquiries, please contact chiefofoakdale@gmail.com.**