Burger King opened their doors yesterday and Logan Countians flocked through the doors like a middle school boy trying to meet the “new girl” at school.

That’s how we roll here.

You bring the business and we support the hell out of you.

For a month.

Then we go back to Facebook and obliterate your business the first time you put pickles on our burger after we specifically asked for it to be plain.

Get your shit together Susie. We are perfect and you shouldn’t make mistakes either.

This isn’t a post to talk about how opening day went or how our love for Whoppers will soon fade. This is 100% a short post to rub my W on the faces of everyone who rolled their eyes the first time they read my piece.

When Burger King opened the doors they also put The Oakdale in the win column for the first time as we were the ones who called it.


Undefeated isn’t crowded. If it wasn’t for the ’72 Dolphins, we wouldn’t have a precedence for how to handle ourselves in this situation. We find ourselves at a great table with the likes of Don Shula and Earl Morral.

We are also even more American today. As you know America touts an undefeated record in World Wars. While I won’t consider myself to be on the same level as Truman and Roosevelt, I’d like to imagine us as right on their coat tails.

This win feels good. It’s the equivalent of the morning piss after a long bender.

I know this journey will be full of ups and downs, but this win landed us in the winners circle and now we are building our home there.

Shouts to everyone who called us fake news. I hope the Chicken Fries burn your mouth out.