Hello friends.

It has been a couple weeks since we have met and I wanted to drop in and talk about a few discords I’ve been experiencing that are responsible for my absence.

The response to The Oakdale has been electric. When I started this blog in February, I didn’t realize the impact it would have. The experience, up to this point, has been better than a Chinese “massage” parlor. To quote the great philosopher John Calipari, “You people are crazy.”

My original intention for the blog was to simply give people a place to go, a few times a week, and laugh. With the exception of the few times a week part, I think I have succeeded in that regard.

Sure, some people that read my efforts miss the sarcasm and get butt hurt. Those people, though moronic, are kind of my favorite in a weird way. Nothing beats reading a comment from a guy telling me how illogical a pool bar under fourth street would be or how I’m “fake news” because I said Russellville might be getting a Huddle House.

A man who has been exponentially influential in my life once told me, “It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around.” Meaning, even that particular set of simpletons are required to make life, and my blog, go as expected.

At some point I lost track of my original intentions. Sure, I still aimed at making people laugh, but I became enamored with stats. I originally would write about anything that I could crack a joke on. Piss on stats. That’s living in the past.

But, when I wrote about local happenings and felt the rush of seeing thousands of views a day, it was like a drug. Then I would try and revert back to writing about something that may not be local and see just a few hundred views and scratch my head. It wouldn’t get as many clicks because it didn’t have “Russellville” or “Logan County” in the title even though I felt like it was ten to one a better peice. This ultimately lead to me passing on stories to write in hopes of something local coming along that I felt like I could knock out of the park.

While I like this place, there’s not always something hot happening here that I can provide a comedic take on. (Although, I should have probably wrote about the recent drug-related arrests at Briggs Lake, I sort of warned them right?)

While I am thankful for my success in the local area and realize I wouldn’t be as known if I hadn’t started writing about local stuff, I never meant for this to be purely a local blog. I never wanted to be viewed as “a funny version of the newspaper”.

After the first local post went crazy, me and the council (the BPS Podcast crew), decided to continue feeding the local monster to get a foundation and now I feel that foundation is set.

So now, I move on.

While I will still blog on local shenanigans, I’m going back to writing about other stuff as well. At this point The Oakdale has established a pretty solid group of ride or dies and I know we can pick up more along the way; no matter if I write about the fall of the square or cigarette smoking chimpanzees in Africa.

When it started, I did it to make my friends laugh and I always said I will continue to do this as long as they get a laugh out of it.

Five views or a million, it makes no difference.

While I hate that I let something as petty as clicks and views clog my vision, I’m glad I caught it now rather than later. Early detection is always best, like with STDs.

Thanks to those #LoyalToTheO up to this point. Forward we move.