Between our podcast and the actual news outlets reporting, you have most likely heard about the animals getting murdered in Monroe County.

I was going to let this story go to the way side. We talked about it on the podcast, made our jokes, moved on. But then I read this wild post from Nick Beres from News Channel 5.

Then I read the story from WBKO and realized that maybe I better dive in here and try and figure out just what in the **** is going on in Monroe County.

First off, you need to understand that Monroe County is terrible.

Ever been? Why?

You think we have it bad, drive to Monroe County and count your blessings.

That has nothing to do with this story. Just some facts.

Anywho. What it all boils down to is either the Department of Fish and Wildlife is trying to cover up something or there’s a lunatic running around in Monroe County.

What could the DFW be covering up? Zombies? Sasquatch? Something worse?

I doubt it, but it’s wildly fun to assume. It’s hard to deny that they are coming across as “We don’t give a shit” about the whole thing. It feels like they showed up, sniffed around for a few minutes and said, “Yep. They’re dead. Wasn’t a critter. We gone.”

They probably just wanted to get the hell out of Monroe County and you can’t fault a man for that.

So that leaves us with the lunatic running around their County killing animals in cold blood but not leaving a trace of his existence.

Or Isis. I don’t know.

See. Every time I think I have this nailed down I think of something else. Isis. Why didn’t I think of that earlier?

There’s some weird stuff going on in Monroe County….and now there’s animal killings happening too.

I’m not taking chances here. I know Monroe County is a ways off but did you see how fast that bear made it from Muhlenberg to Clarksville? Exactly.

I have two remarkable dogs. Before I let them out now I throw a few slices of bologna out first just to see if anything is out there. Then I let the dogs out. The one I like the least goes out first, then the favorite.

I recommend implementing the same tactic when your animals or kids want to go out and play. You have a favorite. Don’t kid yourself.

We have to take these precautions. We don’t want to have anything in common with Monroe County, I promise.

If you have to look for the silver lining, what an exciting time for deer season to open in Monroe. You might bag the big buck or the big foot.

Or maybe lose a limb.

Who knows?