Photo Credit: Theresa Rucks


A Hopkinsville High School student was arrested last Thursday after an altercation with the school resource officer.

Isabella Messer says she was stopped by the principal for a dress code violation for showing her shoulders. Her mother, Theresa Rucks, said she then had a t-shirt made for her daughter in protest of the rules, which caused another violation.

Rucks says when Isabella tried to call her after this second violation, the school resource officer tried to take her phone. But Isabella raised her foot, which caused her to kick the officer.

She was taken to court, then to the McCracken Regional Juvenile Detention Center, where she stayed until this past Tuesday when she was released on house arrest.

You ever been to the gym and overheard the old joke, “With arms like these I should be arrested for weapons of mass destruction.”?

You know the guy, he snorts creatine and has a backpack he could easily put his protein power in but chooses to carry it on his hip so everyone sees it. Most of his clothes look like they came from OshKosh B’Gosh and he can’t enter a conversation without mentioning what muscle group he worked on that day.

I hate that guy.

Anyway, this girl should have her mom make a shirt that says, “I got arrested because my shoulders are weapons of mass distraction.”

How clutch is it that her mom, who I’m obligated to call Mother Theresa, can just make shirts on a whim? That’s a handy resource.

This whole situation got blown out of proportion. Apparently the school came out with some new dress code that disallowed wearing anything showing shoulder and any see through white clothing. Apparently Isabella and Mother Theresa didn’t know, Isabella shows up showing shoulders and gets in trouble. That’s when Mother Theresa makes a fire ass shirt that read, “Do my shoulders turn you on?” on the front and “If so, go back to the 1920’s.” on the back.

Well played hand by Mother Theresa. But what Mother Theresa and Isabella forgot is that people with power have no sense of humor. That’s when the kicking and jail thing went down.

I can wrap my head around “no see through white clothing”. That makes sense. Almost seems like common sense, but let’s not assume.

But shoulders?

How horned up are the kids at Hopkinsville High School that they can’t get any work done because the shoulders across the room are getting them all riled up? When did the shoulders enter the same realm as breasts and butts? I realize I’m not 14 anymore, but I’ve never once looked at a female and said “My goodness do you see the shoulders on her?”

I’m confused and blown away. Do they realize that every child in that school has a chuck of technology in their pocket that with a few taps on a screen, they can look at part of the human anatomy that they please?

But let’s protect them from the forbidden shoulder.

I don’t get it.