Here is the video of the preacher’s rant we played on the podcast. While I wanted to just leave it be, I could not.

As I’ve mentioned before, I hate writing about religion. Everybody has an opinion on it and no one thinks they are wrong. If you try to write about religion with a sense of humor you get obliterated because apparently people believe God doesn’t posses a sense of humor. It’s exhausting.

But this Preacher Man. What a gong show.

I bet he’s a lot of fun to be around.

He said he wasn’t mad in the video, but I think he might have told a lie. Which is against rule number nine. But he knew that, right?

I’m not here to provide my opinion on if he is right or wrong. That would open a can of beans I’m not interested in eating. I’m here to discuss his tactic and boy was it a strange tactic.

Imagine this, I start a bicycle club. We are out here popping wheelies, riding with no hands, putting playing cards in our spokes, and we are super cool. I want you to be a part of my bicycle club because I want you to be cool like us. So instead of sending you a friendly invitation, I throw poop at your house and scream, “If you don’t join my bicycle club I’ll burn your house down!”

How interested would you be in joining my bicycle club on a scale of one to ten?

Scare tactics and name calling aren’t the best marketing strategies. The results they do provide, are often temporary. My guess is, telling people their sons are going to hell and calling their daughters prostitutes won’t help fill seats at the church. If that’s your teaser, no one is going to show up for the main show.

He just tellin’ it how it is dawg, he prolly don’t want no scrubs in his church. Can’t take tha heat stay out tha damn kitchen, ya feel me?”

Maybe he’s right. A lot of people put a lot of stuff before God that they shouldn’t.

I get it.

But how do I know they didn’t go to church early? How do I know they didn’t pray as a unit before kickoff? How do I know they didn’t go to church in the AM and this game is being played in the PM?

I don’t know all the rules and regs. You read my blog and listen to my podcast, I’m not destined for sainthood. If you know all the rules and regs, cool. Keep ’em out of the comments section. But I do know that no man is without sin and I don’t see Preacher Man out here dropping a hot Facebook post about what his sin of choice is. It’s easier to stand behind a phone and dime people out.

I really don’t know how Jesus would feel about a man of God calling little girls prostitutes. Has anyone, besides this guy, ever went to a kid’s football game, looked at the cheerleaders and thought, “Prostitutes. Yep. All of ’em. What do you want to be when you grow up Susie? Too bad, you’re destined for the streets.”

That’s a red flag.

If I ever have kids (there’s a scary thought) I want them to follow Christ because they believe His teachings and love Him. Not because an angry man with poor facial hair and an iPhone told them they were headed for hell. People like Preacher Man are the exact reason people don’t want to go through the doors on Sunday.

Between this guy and the Kentucky preacher who terminated memberships, Kentucky preachers are getting a bad rap. Be sure to thank your preacher this Sunday for not being a lunatic. Assuming little junior doesn’t have a date with the “ball god”.