There has been two constants in my life; my momma and the stuffed coyote in Crazy Ray’s Pawn Shop window. One of those will no longer be and it isn’t that sweet lady who gave me my sarcastic sense of humor.

If you haven’t already noticed, Crazy Ray is having a moving sale. While I can’t answer where he is moving, or if the stuffed coyote will have another window to look out of, I can tell you why he is moving.

The same entity that installed the boutique holes on the square has also purchased Crazy Ray’s building. This building will allegedly be a parking lot for the future hotels.

This is solid planning. People who go to hotels generally like to have a place to park. I personally like to take advantage of valet parking. I like to hand them my keys and tell them, “Don’t start it too fast, it’s got a short somewhere and it’ll knock the shit out of you if you turn it over too quick.”

Then I run inside and watch them slowly attempt to start my vehicle like they’re defusing a bomb.

As I’ve said before, I have nothing but high hopes for these hotels. I hope they rise up and this parking lot stays full. But, we are missing the point here, what will happen to the stuffed coyote?

Sure, it’s a moving sale not a closing sale. The coyote will surely be included in the move. Will he have a new window? Will he see enough traffic to be happy? Where will I have to drive to keep an eye on him? These questions will keep me up at night.

My whole life I’ve been able to drive around the square and see that coyote. I don’t take change well. Chances are he will go to a part of town I don’t frequent, so I guess this is goodbye.

Well wishes my old friend.


As I finished this article, I was informed that Crazy Ray’s is moving to the building in front of Southern States. Assuming the stuffed coyote will make the move, all will be well. Sorry to stir up your emotions.