If you haven’t heard by now the owner of The Climb, Benjamin Lamb, was arrested today for lack of permits and lack of compliance with Barren River Health Department. The adventure park was also shut down. If you haven’t heard or want to know the specifics, go read the full article released by our amigos over at the News-Democrat & Leader, which you can read here.

Before I say anything else, let me say I do not know Benjamin Lamb. I do not know County Attorney Joe Ross. I do not know Magistrate Dickie Carter. I do not know SCKDTF Director Jacky Hunt.

I do know I can’t say “SCKDTF” five times fast and neither can you. Try it.

All of these humans, as far as I know, are cool cats. I don’t jump to rationals about people based on news articles and neighborhood hearsay. You shouldn’t either.

But someone knows Mr. Lamb and they don’t like him.

Do I think that there was basis for the actions? Sure. I’d hate to think they busted up in there with no ground to stand on. But someone has been on The Climb’s ass for a while and it seems like they have been waiting on anything to come through so they could blast in and drop the hammer. I promise you, someone did a fist pump to the air when the news broke.

Why the heat? Well it all started when one party last year got out of hand. A few people got arrested, it was loud, and there was allegedly drug use. This raised red flags and put them under a microscope. Once under said microscope, The Climb couldn’t sneeze without someone losing their minds.

Then, you throw in people reporting drug use and underage drinking, you get the undercover police and it’s a whole thing. No one wants kids drinking and doing drugs, I think we all can agree on that, and based on the article, the undercover police haven’t found any of that to be happening. I wonder if they were tipped based on fact or a hunch. Weird.

Do I think the county is trying to run him out of town? No. The Climb brings in money. I promise you, the county doesn’t hate money.

However, I do think there is a certain individual or individuals that get their rocks off by making it hard for him to operate. Those individuals are probably the same ones who called the health department and made claims of alleged drug use and underage drinking. They want a place for kids to go and do things, yet want to close the one thing kids have to do.

What is their problem? They hear people are drinking and doing drugs and freak out. Sure, don’t do drugs out there. Your home is a good place for drugs if you have to, public isn’t. Everybody knows it. But who cares if adults, who are the legal drinking age, have some booze by a swimming hole? Let them get a little wild, it’s called “Living Your Best Life”, ever heard of it? Maybe it’s not how you live yours, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

“Well Chief, what if one of them leaves the park drunk driving and kills somebody? Huh? Then what wise guy?”

What if someone drives out of Sol Az drunk and kills somebody? I don’t see anyone trying to shut them down.

The image that has been painted, for those who haven’t been, is of people snorting cocaine off kayaks and puking vodka in the air while jumping off a rope swing. They make it seem like when you come through the gate you get a goodie bag of drugs and a pint of Mad Dog.

That’s not it at all. It legitimately is a beautiful and family-friendly facility.

I hope this gets worked out and we can finally close the book on drama at The Climb. I have good friends who come down once a year from Indiana just to go to The Climb. People who have no other reason to ever venture to Logan County, come for The Climb. All people. Big, little, old, young. Their page is chocked full of positive reviews from all ages and demographics. Let’s not piss that away due to a few frazzled farts.

The owner needs to take care of his end. I want him to get all his paper work squared away, do whatever it takes to please the health department, and stay up on that tax situation so that whoever it is that has beef will have no leg to stand on and all of Logan County will have a place to go live their best life. Whatever that may be.

I’m #TeamClimb, are you?