If you don’t listen to our podcast, you’re missing out. Chances are your heart is full of hate and impurities. We provide laughs and good vibes to all of our subscribers and we could do the same for you. No matter if you like sports or hypothetical situations that involve eating your own poop, we have you covered.

We are going to be changing our game. If you listen to our podcast, you know we have a weekly poll question. Up to this point our poll question has been stars and athletes going head to head every week. If someone goes undefeated five weeks in a row, they enter The Oakdale Hall of Fame. Recently Dale Earnhardt earned his place in our Hall. But do athletes and entertainers really need another place to be glorified? No. Ya know who does need a place to be glorified? The common man.

The new poll question is for you. All you have to do is submit your name or nickname, a picture of yourself and a list of your strengths and weaknesses then boom, we throw you into the lion’s den to go head to head with last weeks winner. We will have you on the podcast to inform the listeners why they should pick you over your opponent. Corral all the votes you can and see if you can last the four weeks required to enter The Oakdale Hall of Fame.

“That’s a typo Chief, you said 4”

No typo nephew, we are lowering the bar. Four weeks at the top gets you into The Hall and our hearts forever.

You will also receive a t-shirt that says “I made it in The Oakdale Hall of Fame” or something. We haven’t ironed that out yet. Chances are we will put that off until someone makes it three weeks.

You get it.

“When does this start Chief?”

Now. Currently Schmuck Dudley is battling Schmuck Layton and no one is in line to challenge them next week.

Do you have what it takes to enter our Hall of Fame? Send your stuff to chiefofoakdale@gmail.com, message us on Facebook, or text us at (270) 594-0806.

Good luck.