Let me tell you how life works. One day you are thinking about jumping off the six story hotel on the square a tall building because you can’t think of a banger to write, the next day you get some info that talks you away from the ledge and puts the swagger back in your step.

Life is a wild thing. Someone out there is looking out for The Oakdale, and I tip my hat to them.

Russellville is home to three fine liquor stores; Bethel Liquors, Logan Square, and Mutt’s. For years they have been there for Logan County’s boozing needs. I have shopped at, and enjoyed my experience, at all three. But soon a new liquor store will join the ranks and it may bury the competition beneath it.

Family Liquors is set to be built beside the Kangaroo on North Main.

No joke that’s the name. Family Liquors. We have Family Video where you can rent a nice flick to watch with the fam, Family Dollar where you can pick up the family needs on the cheap, and now Family Liquors where you can pick up a thirty rack of Busch Light and a fifth of tequila for the whole household to enjoy.

Maybe they have a deal where if you buy two six packs, they toss in some virgin daquiris for the youngins’ on the house. Drinking is a family sport after all and Family Liquors gets it.

Perhaps they’ll have a playground where you can drop the kiddos off while you shop for all the ingredients you need to make the perfect hooch. No one likes a nagging three year old while your trying to decide what brand of pure grain to go with.

All jokes aside, this will be a liquor store unlike any that Russellville has ever seen. It looks like it will be a large facility and, based on what I’ve seen, a very nice place to buy your drink of choice. The name “liquor store” doesn’t really do this place justice, it has more of a “Booze Palace” feel to it. You’ll be able to pick up your adult beverages and not feel like your going to be held up at gun point it the parking lot.

People appreciate that.

While they will attract many, one has to assume there will still be those scum bags that drive to Bowling Green just to buy alcohol because they are too afraid of judgment from people who don’t matter. It’s a bit ridiculous really. If I stumble upon my preacher in the liquor store, guess what? My preacher is in the liquor store too. Maybe he’s a Busch Light guy also? Who knew?

If you’re wondering how sure I am this is coming, I’m going to put it at a solid 100%.

Shot called. I’m not playing around.

I have no idea when the construction will start or when it will be finished, but every other liquor store has been put on notice. Step your game up or get lost.

Family Liquors is coming.

What a name…