I almost didn’t write this. I was going to wait on more facts to roll in. I was going to wait until maybe some plans had been submitted or something “official”. Then I thought, why would I do that? Hell, I’m two for three in shots called (Huddle House is still pending) and waiting around is for chumps. You people want rumors and I get the rumors.

Actually, my minions get the rumors, then they bring them to me. They are the real heroes. I’m just their spokesman. Their dangerously attractive, wonderfully charming, quick witted, spokesman.

Before we get into this, let’s iron some things out. I’ve seen how some of you operate in the comments section and as much as it makes me laugh, it’s a tough look for you.

What I am about to say is not fact. It is rumor. Kind of like all that speculation about your cousin Tommy. There is no concrete evidence to support what you all assume, but it seems like a probability. Especially when he started spelling his name “Tommi”.

That’s neither here nor there. All I’m saying is, don’t come to me with pitchforks if this doesn’t happen. Or do. I get a kick out of it either way.

Russellville may be adding a Popeye’s Chicken.

As you may have noticed, the Burger King build is in full swing and you can almost taste the charbroiled burgers. Allegedly, the guy who owns the Burger King (let’s call him Earl for the sake of this article) also bought another lot right beside where his Burger King is going up. Earl also owns a Popeye’s and has paired them up before.

Maybe Earl will build another Popeye’s in that lot, or maybe he bought it to dig a big hole and put a gate around it. Those are popular.

There seems to be a lot of uncertainty in my minions reporting so for now we will put this at a 36.43% chance of happening.

Here is what I need from you. Share the hell out of this article. Put the heat on Earl to give us a Popeye’s.

Have you ever ate at a Popeye’s? It’s life altering. The have mashed potatoes that get covered with cajun gravy. The first time I ate them I discovered what true love really is. I love my lady, but if she could learn how to make that cajun gravy, I might would sweep the house a little more often.

Your grandma makes the best biscuits? When you eat Popeye’s biscuits you’ll forget grandma ever existed. When she brings that weak biscuit game to Thanksgiving, take them in the back yard for target practice, then go pick up Popeye’s biscuits. You’ll go from black sheep of the family to the favorite in no time flat.

Oh, and their chicken is tasty too.

I need Popeye’s to happen. Why that wasn’t built first, I’ll never understand. Make it happen people. I’m counting on you.