Here’s the awkward moment where I flirt with a subject I hate writing about, religion.

“Never discuss religion or politics in polite company.”

Before we kick this puppy off let me make this pretty clear, I’m Team Jesus. I hope you are, but if you’re not, cool. I still rock with you big dawg. If you are Team Jesus, I don’t care how you like your Jesus; Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, or whatever. We good on this?

Sweet. Let’s proceed.

Apparently, a church in Cave City sent a letter revoking membership to seventy long term members of the church due to lack of attendance. One member posted the letter on Facebook (because of course) and it went viral.

If you ask a hundred preachers, I’m going to guess somewhere between 70-80 would say they have thought about doing the same thing at some point. If they’re answering honestly, of course, and lying is a sin. People forget.

This is a boss move by the preacher. Strange tactic, but a boss move. It has to be hard laying down some straight electric sermons, week in and week out, and realizing that there’s almost a hundred people missing out on your best work.

It can’t be easy to struggle for volunteers to hand out cookies and punch during vacation bible school knowing there’s seventy people not pulling their weight.

This preacher can probably relate to LeBron’s struggles during the NBA Finals.

All that being said, a home visit might have been a better idea. Maybe he tried that and people ducked him like I do when I see a Jehovahs Witness roll up. I don’t know so I get to assume. That’s how The Oakdale works.

I haven’t been kicked out of a lot of places and by that I mean, I’ve never been kicked out of any place. But, I know people who have. When we bring up going to a place where they have been kicked out they generally say, “I’m not going there, last time they kicked me out.”

Weird how that works…

The letter states in the opening line, “We cherish you as a member.” What a nice way to start a letter informing someone that they aren’t a member anymore.

If you listen to our podcast, you’ll notice one of our members hasn’t been there in a while. This post is my letter to him to inform him he’s not a member of Barley Pop Sports anymore.

If I understand this preacher’s logic, that should get my buddy back to the podcast, right?