Miss me? Sorry I’ve been away. Grinders grind, ya feel me?

Around a year ago, Logan Countians were promised they were on the rise. Two monstrous hotels were set in stone to be built right on the square. Five and six story Mecca’s with an alluring view of the breath taking east side Russellville and the the charming lights from the Five Star at midnight.

This wasn’t going to be a Holiday Inn, ya see. These hotels were going to be sophisticated. They were set to have shops and even a sports bar! Think Galt House, but on a Russellville scale.

We sat by and watched historic buildings crumble to their knees. For the better good, we said. Great things will take their place, we said.

Now, all that is left is abandoned, gated, ruble.

I read the paper. I understand that there have been some health issues and other misfortunes along the way, I also understand that the plans have been altered, but at the end of the day, there’s two abandoned holes on the square with no signs of progress.

I’m not here to point fingers or place blame. But I will say, when I (possibly) missed my shot about the Huddle House, I caught some heat. This seems like a much bigger miss, glad I wasn’t around to report on it. A missed shot is a missed shot, but that’s none of my business.

I’m not saying these five star hotels will never come to fruition. I have no reason to believe that they won’t. But, with rumors being tossed around of other hotels being placed on the bypass, I can see where it would be easy to throw in the towel.

So, let’s pretend the hotels never come. We have two aesthetically unpleasing holes in our beloved square, and our hearts. What do we do? What can we put there?

One fan of The Oakdale suggested we turn the holes into The Oakdale swimming pool, fully equipped with an all you can drink keg of Busch Light.

I must admit, I love this plan. We could even construct an underwater tunnel under 4th street to take you from one pool to the other. In that tunnel, we will build the pool bar. What better time to shoot a Jager Bomb than while under 4th transitioning from one pool to the other?

During the Tobacco Festival, we can swan dive into the pool while the fire trucks go by blaring their sirens. That my friends, is the definition of living your best life.

On a possibly more realistic note, why not a nice little two story sports bar? With a roof top patio area where local musicians can come and play?

I know, people hear the word “bar” and immediately throw their Bible at you then proceed to katy bar the door of their church so your sinful ways don’t infect their congregation. But, against popular belief, the word “bar” is not synonymous with the world “satanic”.

People can come, drink responsibly, and listen to good tunes or catch the game with friends. It works everywhere else, why not here?

I know why, and you do too, but let’s not piss too many people off, eh?

If no one can come up with anything else, I say we make it a tiger pit. Anyone arrested for meth is sentenced to the tiger pit and given a dull dagger. Whatever happens, happens. That would clean things up around here I would imagine.

In a few years, I hope we see these hotels stand loud and proud and we can all laugh about this. Any growth is good growth. I’d like to see some steel soon though, and not just the steel keeping Shady Ray’s Pawn Shop from tumbling down.

In the mean time, here’s a fun thought, which will we see first, a hotel on the square or a softball game played on the turf field?

As always, #staywoke Logan County.