How’s your fair week going? Good? I’m glad.

You may have noticed that one key ingredient from last years fair has been a no show, that key ingredient being the helicopter ride.

For those of you who were excited about getting an aerial view of Taco Bell and seeing the radiation glow from Briggs Lake, you’re going to be disappointed. That is unless someone comes through with a helicopter in the nick of time.

Apparently, at a recent fair, the helicopter was flying, doing its thing, and then obliterated a goose.

I’ve seen the picture and it’s rough.

Due to conflicting stories no one is sure about who is at fault; the helicopter or the goose.

The helicopter pilot says he was in his lane then the goose came out of no where and hit him head on.

An onlooking pigeon said the helicopter tried to pass a bald eagle in a no passing lane and then hit the goose.

The blood work from the goose has been sent off because an officer on scene said they smelt alcohol on his breath. He also had a receipt in his pocket from the local pub.

Will the truth ever come to light? Unlikely. But, either way, the helicopter is broken down from the impact and will not be in attendance at this years fair.

If you know anyone with a helicopter laying around and willing to fly people around for a ten spot and a pack of smokes be sure to contact someone on the fair board.