BARREN Co. (WBKO) — A 70-year-old man lands in the Barren County Jail for the cultivation of 93 marijuana plants.

According to deputies, they went to a residence on Hiseville Bear Wallow Road, in Cave City for a drug complaint.

The owner and resident 70-year-old Jimmy Lee Edwards gave consent to have his property searched.

Officials then found approximately a quarter pound of processed marijuana that was being dried in an outbuilding.

Police also found about 89 marijuana plants at the edge of a cornfield and four more in the garden.

Authorities say when the plant is full grown they will be valued at $186,000 dollars.

Deputies also found a handgun and cash.

Edwards was arrested and charged with possession and cultivation of marijuana.

Seventy. He’s seventy.

Do you hear what I’m telling you?

Seventy. Seven times ten. Seventy.

He’s someones grandpa and he’s out here going hard in the paint. My grandpa grew tomatoes, this grandpa is out here with a full blown crop of ganja.

I’m not mad at him. I tell people all the time to live their best life, whatever that may be, and my man Jimmy is out here doing just that. Unfortunately for him, his no good nosey neighbors called the fuzz.

Jimmy responded like an absolute boss too. He let the cops search, knowing good and well they were going to find the fruits of his labor. How could they miss it? There was NINETY FREAKING THREE of them.

Jimmy probably thought the same thing I thought, he’s 70. What’s the worst that could happen? After you start drawing social security you should be allowed to bend the rules a little. Maybe not “$186,000 worth of dope” bend the rules, but you should be able to bend them some.

If they had came in and found Jimmy criss cross apple sauce in the floor blazing a doobie with a Walmart sack of silly salad beside him, let him be. He’s not hurting anybody. Chances are he’s medicating some ailment he has acquired from living on Earth for 70 damn years. Prescription medications kill. Everybody knows it.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, it’s hard for a cop to close his eyes to a weed crop that’s inching close to the century mark. Chances are he wasn’t planning on smoking that all by himself. It could have been sold and ended up in the hands of the youth and that’s not cool Jimmy. Police gotta police.

I’ve never been a weed guy, but at least Jimmy isn’t cooking meth. That seems awfully responsible of Jimmy. Someone should bring that up at his trial. The neighbor that called probably is cooking meth and wanted to get the heat off himself.

The drug game is a dirty game.

Take away his crop, slap him on the hand, monitor his home, and let Jimmy back out into the wild to live his best (non weed growing) life, for however long Jimmy has left.