Here at The Oakdale, we are always looking for ways to build our brand. We are constantly searching for new content and new ways to display content in order to make sure you get a laugh at some point during your week. Without laughter you suck and we don’t want you to suck.

Also, we get asked from others, on a fairly regular basis, how they can help with the site. I don’t like rejecting people who are offering to dedicate their time to something that offers little in return. Both, The Oakdale and Barley Pop Sports are for the people, therefore the people should be involved.

Which leads me to this, our Mail Bag is open.

Got a question about life? Send it in and I will either answer it on the site or me and the schmucks will discuss it on the podcast.

Got a topic you’ve been burning to write about? Send it in and I’ll post it to The Oakdale for you. If you’re consistent and good enough, we might even give you a permanent slot. The pay is low. Low as in none.

Out and about and see something hilarious? Take a picture or video and send it in.

Anything you think that is worthy of being posted, send it in. Legal of course. Don’t be a dumb ass.

There ya go. Our doors are open. Let yourself in. We are happy to have you.

While I can’t promise everything you send in will get posted, I can promise that our next recording of BPS is Friday night so get those questions in as fast as you can.

Tell a friend, will ya?