If you’ve listened to our podcast you have figured out by now that we enjoy chirping at Dogwood Lake by referencing the assumed amount of drugs that goes/went down there. But, I’d like to take a moment to discuss a less entertaining lake, in the heart of Logan County, that has issues of its own.

I have recently got back into the sport of fishing thanks to Rolling Hills being too expensive for me to golf. (How ya gonna get rid of Golf Now?) As a result of me getting back into fishing I have found that Briggs Lake is too convenient for me to pass up.

That being said, Briggs Lake is shady as hell.

Let’s ignore the fact that there was an arrest made out there a few weeks ago for meth. I have been on the water five times so far and every time, at some point, a vehicle will drive up to the dam, park for a second, and turn around.

Now why would you drive out of your way to Briggs Lake just to turn around?

It’s not for scenery. Briggs is easily one of the least attractive lakes I’ve ever seen. Briggs is to lakes what Joakim Noah is to the NBA. Unless looking at litter and murky water turns your crank, you aren’t going to admire it’s beauty.

The only logical explanation is, you came to get sky high, noticed my truck, and turned around. Maybe I’m assuming based on recent arrests or maybe I’m right.

Sorry for ruining your good time and thanks for not stealing my truck. It gets terrible gas millage, you’d hate it.

I’m not judging you for doing drugs. Do you, dude. I just think there’s a better place to do them, like a house for instance. If you do them at the lake and then get caught, they’ll inevitably wave me to the bank for questioning and then it turns into a whole thing and I hate things.

You just keep turning around and I’ll just keep hanging my lures in what I assume is a forrest under the water.

I’m almost positive I witnessed a drug deal go down out there the other day. Two vehicles pulled up, one guy got out and went to the other vehicle, talked a bit, then left. I’ve never been involved in a drug exchange but I assume it goes a lot like that. Sure, it could’ve been a conversation but who drives all the way to Briggs for a ten minute convo?

Also, who is having sex out there? Do the mosquitos not chew your private parts to bits? Every time I park there’s a few new condom wrappers to walk past. It’s nice to see you’re being safe but condoms don’t stop Malaria, everybody knows that. Once again, there’s better places to have sex, for instance, a house. I’m going to post up in the anti-itch cream aisle of Walmart and wait on the first guy to come up scratching his crotch and ask him some questions.

See you at the lake, Logan County.