The new bypass is sweet, right? I mean, those first few weeks were tough with everybody crashing at the intersection at Ornorff Mill Road, but we made it past that in true Logan County fashion. We adapt and overcome adversity.


We fuss to the paper, beg for a street light, get the equivalent of a night light, THEN adapt and overcome.

You get it.

People are now stopping at the stop sign and alas, less collisions. Statistically speaking, people who are stopped at a stop sign get hit in intersections at a drastically lower rate than those who blast ass through stops signs.

How’s your mind? Blown yet?

The problem I’m having now is with people at the intersection at KY 100.

Four way stops have been around for years. They didn’t invent them just for the new bypass. If you look back to the manual you utilized to pass your permit test, you’ll notice they go over them in great depth. However, many of you just don’t get it so let me break it down Oakdale style.

It’s first come, first serve.

If I’m stopped at the intersection and you come up and stop, I go through first. If our worlds are perfectly in sync, and we stop at the same time, the person on the right goes first. No one to your right? It’s you princess. Push the gas and get through there.

There are other rules, but these are the ones we really need to hone in on.

Yesterday, I’m approaching the intersection at the same time as someone we will call Asshole Lady. If we had both played by the rules, me and Asshole Lady would have indubitably came to a stop at the same time, thus giving the right of way to the person on the right, which would have been me. Instead, Asshole Lady throws the brakes on, stops twenty foot behind the line, then hammers down through the intersection. She even had the audacity to give me a dirty look for flipping her off with both hands.

While she understood that coming to a stop first meant she got to go first, I don’t think she understood that it only applies AT THE STOP SIGN.

Asshole Lady isn’t the first one to pull this stunt. She’s just the one to pull this stunt since I found a place to express my frustrations over it.

If you are a soulless individual like Asshole Lady, I hope you get a nail in your eye tire. While your arrogance doesn’t delay my travels by a significant margin, it infuriates me that you think it’s proper conduct at a four-way stop.

Don’t be Asshole Lady. If you don’t understand how to conduct yourself at four way stops, get a manual and #getwoke so you can #staywoke.

One day, we will meet at the intersection. Wanna know who the Chief of Oakdale is? Do what Asshole Lady did. I’ll be the guy double fisting birds.

Drive safe, Logan County!