Back in April, I wrote a blog about Russellville potentially getting a Burger King and a Huddle House. While the Burger King looks to be a definite, the hopes of a Huddle House seem to be dwindling, much like LeBron’s chance at another NBA title.

In April, I set the percentage at 62.48%. After speaking with a few people, I am moving it down to 12.23%. (A lot of factors go in to getting those percentages, you wouldn’t understand.)

“Damn you Chief! We believed in you!”

See, there’s where you went wrong nephew. You saw the post and assumed 62.48% was 100%. Maybe you didn’t read it at all and just read the title. Tisk tisk. Shame on you.

“You’re suppose to present the facts!”

You want facts? Buy a paper. Listen to the radio.

You want sarcastic jokes about Huddle House being a good place to wow a first date? Welcome aboard.

“Wrong is wrong and you were wrong.”

*Might be wrong. There’s still a chance. I gave no time frame, so as long as someone puts a Huddle House in Logan County between now and when Jesus comes back, I was 62.48% right. Eat it.

Around here we don’t “fact check”. We don’t wait on “guarantees”. We call our shot before we shoot, not after it goes in.

It’s more fun that way. Also, when the shot goes in, we can run down the court holding our shooting arm in the air while flipping off the other teams bench.

If we miss, we will abruptly fall on the floor and beg for a foul. (I was going to insert a LeBron joke here too but some things are too easy, ya know?)

We don’t do news here, that’s a crowded market. We do hot takes, speculation, sarcasm, and posts about Olympian condom usage.

Shooters shoot and we will shoot again. See ya then.