Walmart dropped a hammer on Logan County last week when they announced they would no longer be open for 24 hours. Their new hours will be 6am-1am.

The feedback was less than positive from Logan Countians. Apparently, a bunch of you enjoy shopping when you should be sleeping. Keep in mind, when we tell you to stay woke, we don’t mean that in a literal sense. It’s okay to wait to buy bread till 6am. But, if you don’t like the changes, we don’t either.

You bleed, we bleed.

Logan County has no night life. No clubs, no bars, no casinos. All we have to rely on for entertainment at 2am is a trip through Walmart. Now they’re taking that away? We won’t stand for it. Do they not realize that our favorite podcast guest, Rowdy Rob, met his first two wives during a late night stroll through Walmart? He used the classic line, “Girl your eyes are prettier than a chartreuse fishing worm.”

Gets ’em every time.

I didn’t reach out to Walmart for specifics, because it’s more fun to assume, but I assume the third shift will still be in the store stocking shelves. So, the only employee they won’t have to pay is the one cashier. Based on what I assume they pay said cashier, they’re out $40.

One stoner with the late night munchies makes up for that loss with one trip. What a wagon.

Based on a something I read in the comments, it’s an effort to curb the shop lifting going down in the wee hours. Want to know what would reduce shoplifting? Not trusting people to scan their own stuff and getting cameras that get a clear picture of thieves instead of a blurry outline.

It’s 2018. We can watch a dog drop a deuce on the square from the comfort of our homes, but we can’t get a clear shot of a guy stealing an iPod from Walmart?

Let’s look at the bright side Logan County. You can now use those precious hours to catch up on sleep. Seems like a crazy idea, but I think with a little effort you might like it. Also, you could use those hours to listen to our podcast, Barley Pop Sports, available on Google Play and iTunes.

You can actually listen to our podcast while you shop on Amazon for the stuff you were going to buy at Walmart. You don’t even have to put on pants.