Pizza is man’s greatest invention. The food that everyone can agree on. Have you ever met anyone who didn’t like pizza? Chances are, if you have, that person also likes to push kids down on the playground and steal from the elderly. They are also likely linked directly to ISIS. These are the people you see on shows such as America’s Most Wanted, Live PD, and Cops.

I have been a fan of pizza since I took my first bite. If you ask anyone who knows me they’ll tell you, “Yeah, I’ve seen him eat pizza.”

I consider myself to be a connoisseur of pizza. A scholar of pizzeria. Well versed and educated in all things dealing with this circular, sometimes square, delicacy.

There have been stories told to me about the perfect slice of pizza, made from the king of all pizzerias. A crust so savory you would eat the slice backwards, a sauce that even Democrats and Republicans could agree on, and a cheese that would stretch so far, an entire village could jump rope with it. I’ve searched the ancient scrolls for any evidence of its existence. I’ve talked to many who have claimed their tastebuds were blessed by this mythical pie. I’ve scoured areas claimed to be where this pizzeria once stood, on Hopkinsville Road, for any remaining artifacts.

My search, up until today, has been empty. But now, I see hope on the horizon.

Pizza MD is making a come back. After baking their last pie back in 2002, Shannon Blakemore is looking to bring the perfect slice back to life.

After speaking with her, there is no projected date set for its resurgence. They are currently looking for a location to call home for not only their pizza, but their cheese sticks, stromboli, lasagna, hot wings, subs, and more. Choosing a Castle for the King of Pizza is not a task to be taken lightly, we must be patient.

Their pizza crust is made fresh daily, as is their sauce. They also throw down the freshest ingredients on plant Earth.

“This is like when Jordan came back to the Bulls in ’95, Chief!”

It’s better than that nephew, because not only is the pizza fresher than a peppermint, they deliver all over Logan County.

“I live in Deer Lick, the other pizza place makes me meet them in Lewisburg!”

No more, fam. When Shannon says all over Logan County, she means it. It’s the Pizza MD difference.

My entire life’s work studying pizza has come to this. The fabled pizzeria from the past will soon be here for my judgement. I pray the stories I’ve been told hold water. I will be patient as they prepare, but I will be eager.

Other pizza joints have been put on notice, Pizza MD is coming.