The past few days for this blog have been stupendous. I grossly underestimated the impact this blog could potentially have on my local area. To be honest, I assumed most people in my area would assume blog simply stood for “Big Log”. My past two Logan County related posts shattered every record I have had for this site and for that I say, thank you. Sorry I didn’t use you as my target audience sooner, that’s on me.

The best part has been the anonymity of who is behind, The Chief. I have had a big time creeping on the comments in the various shares and seeing what has been said. Allow me to respond to some of those now.

Shots fired. I’m not sure how it can be considered “fake news” when I made it clear that I wasn’t 100% sure, just had sources telling me things. What I am 100% sure on is you follow Donald Trump on Twitter. Not a bad thing, I just think if you’re going to use his line you may want to use it in the correct context.

It’s The Oakdale, for starters. Also, YOU read the article because it says Logan County. The Oakdale isn’t a geographical location, but I pardon you because I can see where you might be confused.

Glad we could help with the crack situation.

You know what they say about beggars being choosy? They’re annoying, that’s what. Have you had the chicken fries? #GameChanger

You also have scorpions.

We did a whole thing on this I think you might enjoy. Go ahead. Read it.

Trust me, you don’t want that. Even my friends don’t want to be friends with me. Take the biggest smart ass you know, multiply it by ten, insert alcohol, and wah-la, me.

The Chief, mostly. But we’re hiring. The salary is low, as in none. No benefits. Really a shitty place to be.

Good call. Me too. You seem like a good time. You type like I talk when I’ve been drinking. Would you like to be a guest on our podcast?

What do we do and what’s next for us? I try to crank out 3-5 blogs a week. I cover pretty much anything you can think of. Nothing I write ever gets too serious and be careful what you take to heart. Sarcasm is a drug I use heavily.

We were going to start videos, but this whole mystery man train is something I’m going to ride out for a while longer. I’m like that guy in the Netflix documentary, Voyeur. But instead of watching you have sexual relations in a seedy motel, I’m watching you comment.

We do a sub par podcast weekly, Barley Pop Sports, so check that out on iTunes. It gets off the rails pretty quick and covers a wide variety of absurdities. Listen with caution. It will be covering more local stuff as we move forward. Be sure to like our Facebook page, The Oakdale or @theoakdaledotcom, as well as follow us on Twitter, @theoakdale. Smashing the share, comment, rate, and subscribe buttons are muy beneficioso to us, so hook us up.

Stay woke, Logan County.