Welcome to Must Have Mondays, where we show you the products you need to get you through to next week. This being Masters week, it only made sense for everything to be golf related. Fill up a cart will ya?


Vice Golf Golf Ball Variety Pack


Are you looking for an affordable ball that handles like your a Tour ball? Look no further than Vice. They cut out the blood sucking middle man who typically drives the price up and sell their balls straight to you to save you money. They also only focus their engineers on one ball for each category; so that you get the best quality ball for your game. Vice has five different balls to choose from including Pro, Pro Plus, Pro Soft, Tour, and Drive. The variety pack offers two of each type of ball to allow you time to explore you options. These balls are a no brainer to anyone who cares about their game. Break away from the name brand chains and try Vice today.

the bird

Nice Shot Golf Glove “The Bird”


No better way to salute your friends good fortunes than with the Nice Shot Golf Glove. This glove is made of durable cabretta leather and is water and sweat resistance. Let them know exactly how you feel on the course and give them a bird for a bird.

range finder

TecTecTec VPro500 Rangefinder


Looking for something that will actually improve your game? Look no farther than the VPro500 by TecTecTec. This range finder offers accuracy to within 1 yard for a fraction of the price of its competitors. Weather you are trying to decide what club to smack or how far the beer cart is, this rangefinder will be your new best friend.


Milliard Golf Organizer


Tired of the wife being in your ass about your golf gear laying everywhere? Tired of leaving it in your trunk to just roll around? The Millard Golf Organizer is exactly what you need. This dude is made of anti-rust carbon steel to last you forever. It can hold up to two golf bags and will sit level on any floor thanks to its adjustable feet. Plus it looks sweet as hell and would be a fine addition to any man cave.

masters hat

2018 Masters Performance Hat


Are you really ready for the 2018 Masters if you don’t have a new hat? This stylish performance hat will get you in the zone for Masters action and be a fine talking point when you wear it to the course.

Bobby Jones Ball Marker


Are you tired of using quarters, tees, and beer caps as ball markers? Are you looking for a elegant ball marker that will honor one of the all time greats? This Bobby Jones ball marker is an amazing piece. Also every time you place it on the green you will remember the way Charlize Theron would say, “Bobby Jones” in The Legend of Bagger Vance. What a babe.


Selfie Golf


Tired of asking stranger danger to record your swing? Your squad not showing up to the rang to help out? No sweat. Attach the clip to the bag, align the stick, attach the phone clip to the stick and bang bang. Lower that handicap big dog.


Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green


Drive for show putt for dough big fella. who cares if you can bang one out 325 if you cant putt 3 foot out. This mat by Putt-A-Bout will line you out and have your putting game cleaned up it no time. It has a non skid back side and ball traps for missed shots so Fido doesn’t have to chase the ones you hit with a little too much mustard.