President Donald Trump had sex with a porn star. Yep. No denying it. The whole world seems to care a whole bunch about the situation. Stormy Daniels, the porn star, was on 60 Minutes last night giving us the details of the encounter and all that has happened since.

To sum everything up, Stormy went to Trumps room alone, apparently not wanting sex, but once there, she had sex (shocker), then she left his room, hasn’t had sex with him since but might’ve if he had put her on The Apprentice, stranger danger threatened her child, and she was paid to keep her mouth shut.

That’s the basics. If you want more go here. I like the part where she spanked Trump with a magazine but didn’t think she would shaboink him.

My question is this, why do I care where my President has parked his penis? Is it a good look to be running around having sexuals with porn ladies? Depends. For him obviously no. He’s a married man, but I don’t know how him and Melania get down. She might be cool with it. Different strokes for different folks, ya dig?

I realize Melania had just given birth a few months prior. But did anyone think Trump was an A+ husband and father? Did this news come as a shock to anyone? I’m going to guess not a lot of people went to vote for him because they thought he was a man of high moral values.

This isn’t Democrat or Republican. This is me not caring who the President has sex with. I also don’t care who Hilary Clinton has sex with. I actually encourage her to find a male porn star to have sex with. That’ll even the scoreboard with Bill and it might put a smile on her face. The only time I assume she smiles is when she gets a new pantsuit.

I find it weird that we all care who’s having sex with who. I live an electric life that is impacted none what so ever by who the President elected to spend a night in a hotel with a few years ago. If this bothers you maybe you should try to live different.

Go ahead. Tell me why I should care. I’m listening.