The sun is going to be brighter today. The grass is going to be greener. The birds will be singing a happier tune. The world will be a better place than it was yesterday because today, the Madness begins.

Work place production will be at a yearly low. Teachers’ attempts to educate students will be fruitless. The world slows down for the NCAA Tournament, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Everybody has a filled out a bracket and is anxious to consume as much basketball as they can. Average Joes are anxious to see where they stand among the college basketball aficionados in the office bracket pool. Groups of friends are eager to rub the picks they got right, in the faces of those less fortunate.

College basketball giants set their sights on another championship banner to hang from their rafters while Cinderella looks to lace up her dancing shoes and spoil their fun.

March Madness opens the flood gates to memories from the past. Teachers letting us watch the games on television, my friends and I trying to emulate what we had seen on the goal in the driveway, where I was when Kentucky was stopped by Michigan State in 2005, and how I partied in 2012.

Today, more memories await us. The NCAA Tournament is a yearly reminder that there are still good things left in the world.

Welcome to the greatest day of the year. Good luck to your team and good luck to your bracket.

What are your favorite March memories? Be sure to comment and share them with us!