Maybe you’ve heard by now that Matt Bevin sorta ate his foot yesterday. The Kentucky Governor was on a radio show in Campbellsville discussing the Pension Reform and recent protests when he decided to call teachers “selfish and short-sighted” and say that they are throwing “temper tantrums”.

I don’t fully understand the Pension Reform so I’ll steer clear of that. Don’t try to enlighten me, I don’t care. I feel for the educators of the state and I support you; some of the most influential people in my life were educators. But this isn’t my fight.

I’ve never been a Governor, but I’m not sure this is exactly how you should word things as a Governor. Bevin took the gloves off and started throwing haymakers at the states educators. I think I would do the same thing if people were in my yard with signs but I also think we are comparing apples to oranges. He took a job where professionalism is expected and he missed that in the interview by a wide margin.

As previously mentioned I don’t have any money in the Teachers vs. Bevin fight but I sure have enjoyed Twitter and I think you will too.

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