Happy Good Samaritan Day! Today is a day to help others and celebrate kindness. This is truly a special day focused on good deeds and bringing us closer as a community.

There are lots of things you can do today to make the most of it. Perhaps hold a door for someone, assist someone with their groceries, or even pick up trash along the side of a highway. The possibilities are truly endless.

However, there are a few things you can do today to celebrate that perhaps you didn’t think about! Maybe you’ve never thought about doing these things ever! Well today seems like a good day to give it the ole college try and make others despise you less. Do right by your neighbor! Be a Good Samaritan!

The first thing you could try today is not complaining out loud. We are here for you! We love you! But if you keep on telling us how the world is against you and nothing ever goes right, we might find a place for you to swim! Forever. Instead of complaining out loud today, perhaps mention something that’s going good in your life to everyone you see. Eventually you might find that you like being positive and people will be more positive to you!

Today would also be a good day for you to take a shower! We are all tired of holding our breath around you. Just today, try out a little soap and scrub before you go out and about. The world is waiting to embrace a less vomit smelling you! You’ll be surprised how long people will want to converse with you and be around you! Get your Good Samaritan on!

Once you get that positive attitude and fresh smell how about you pick the checkout lane that best applies to you at the store? No idea how to operate self checkout? No big deal, go see a lane that has a cashier! They’ll be happy to ring up your items and collect your payment. But when you clog up the self checkout because your not sure how to ring up your tomato’s, everyone wants to take you to the garden section and hit you with a shovel.

On your way home from the store pick the driving lane that best represents your current actions. Trying to pass? Push that blinker down and hop over in the left lane and scoot on by buddy! Done passing? Push your blinker up and ease back into the right lane. It’s really as simple as that. Don’t set up shop in the left lane of a four lane highway for the duration of the your journey home. I won’t tell you exactly what people are calling you but it rhymes with “cupid smother sucker”.

Lastly, once you get home, go ahead and turn that loud ass, over bearing, ignorant looking, silence shattering truck off. No one wants or needs you to slap the gas a few dozen times before you get out. Shut that beast off and reflect on your Good Samaritan day!

There are just a few ways you can be a Good Samaritan with little effort! Who says you have to go read to kids or paint playground equipment? Take a quick trip to the store and see what a difference you can make in the world!

Go get em pal!