Ten weekends down in 2018 and what a weekend it was. Prep yourself for talks at the water cooler tomorrow with this Weekend Run Down.

Men’s College Basketball

  • The bracket lives. If you missed the Selection Show, good for you. My brother warned me to miss it but I’m a glutton for punishment. Every year it gets worse and worse. I can’t imagine how it can be worse than this year but I think I said that last year.
  • Kentucky won their 4th straight SEC Tourny. A highlight on the season before being thrown into the toughest region of the entire bracket. But, if you want to be the best you have to play the best and Calipari loves March.
  • How does Tennessee not get put in Nashville? What a rip. As a three seed I feel like you earn that right. I hate Tennessee but I’ll fight that fight for you.
  • Oklahoma made the tournament which is a sham. Oklahoma hasn’t won a road game in 2018 and lost 11 of their last 15. But you have to have Trae Young in right? Money matters.
  • Join us on ESPN Tournament Challenge Group Name: The Oakdale PW: OakieDokie


  • Paul Casey won the Valspar Championship.
  • Tiger finished T-2 one stroke off the lead. He’s about to get a dub you just sit and wait. Everyone who doubted the comeback will eat their words soon enough. I hope he’s saving his final hole fist pump for April 8th.
  • Patrick Reed should never wear red and black on Sunday when Tiger is in contention. It was cute for a while but Tiger is back now so pick something else out you fraud.
  • 24 Days till the Masters!


  • The Nashville Predators hold a 7 point lead in the West and Tampa Bay has a 6 point league in the East.
  • If the playoffs started tomorrow Nashville would play Colorado in the first round. Get your brooms out.


  • Kevin Harvick won at Phoenix making it three straight. For those of you keeping up at home Kevin has won every week I’ve done a Weekend Run Down. Lord willing I’ll do one next week so place your bets boys.

If you’ll excuse me I have to go fill out the perfect bracket. What’d I miss? What’d I get wrong?