ABC News

A video showing an orangutan smoking a cigarette has gone viral — and sparked international anger toward a controversial zoo’s alleged mistreatment of animals.

The video was shot by a visitor Sunday at Indonesia’s Bandung Zoo, which is about 90 miles southeast of the capital, Jakarta. It captured a young man taking a few puffs from a cigarette and tossing it, still lit, into an open-air enclosure.

That’s when the orangutan — a 22-year-old Bornean named Odon — picked up the cigarette and started to inhale it, drawing laughter from onlookers.

But animal rights activists didn’t find it funny. They condemned the visitor’s alleged carelessness and the zoo’s apparent lack of supervision and education against such acts.

Can we all agree that watching animals smoke scuds is funny? I for one find it hilarious. Animals doing human stuff is the best.

Zoo’s suck. They’re crowded, over priced, and there’s kids everywhere. So if someone wants to throw a monkey a smoke, be my guest. Provide a little interest to my day.

However, that wasn’t that particular orangutans first cig. He picked that thing up and puffed like he had been there before. Not to mention he’s 22 years old, he’s old enough to make that decision for himself. Back off a little will ya? I’m betting when the gates close he and park security sitting around and burn Newport’s and talk about what the could’ve done differently in life.

If you were kept in a cage all day and had people gawking at you; wouldn’t you need a smoke at some point? I know I would and I hate cigs. I can’t blame that dude for taking a moment to relax and enjoy himself.

Animals activists are the worst. They are all the time trying to interrupt a good time. That orangutan was just appreciating the favor. Cigarettes aren’t cheap. If someone offers you one that’s an extreme gesture of friendship. No matter if you smoke or not you accept it and take a few puffs to show your appreciation. Odon understood the significance of the moment and did the right thing.

Odon may have been thinking about jumping over the gate and ripping people’s heads off but that cig calmed him down. Way to save the zoo cig flicking guy.

Get all your facts and get over yourselves, Animal Right Activists. You are the worst of all the “activists”. I’m gonna be an Orangutan Rights Activists. Let my man Odon have a pleasure in life. If he wants to burn one, go ahead big fella. If he wants to drink malt liquor and shoot dice, go ahead big fella. If he wants to throw his poop at you, go ahead big fella.

It’s your world just as much as it is mine Mr.Odon. Live it up.