President Donald Trump has agreed to a high-stakes meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by this May on his nuclear weapons program, South Korea’s national security adviser announced at the White House Thursday evening. He had briefed the president on a message from Kim earlier in the day.

The White House said afterward that Trump “will accept the invitation,” and the president tweeted “Great progress being made…”

I won’t dive into politics much here because I don’t care what your opinions are and you shouldn’t care what mine are. Stay in your lane and I’ll stay in mine. But I think we can all agree this is good news for everybody involved.

I’m a huge fan of living. I always have been. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll say, “Yeah he enjoys not being dead.”

I have a lot of life goals and being vaporized by a nuclear weapon would be a significant hinderance to them. They say a hundred percent of people who die by a nuclear weapon never have a successful blog and I can kinda see where they came to that conclusion.

Even if it didn’t kill me I’m not prepared to live in a post nuclear blast world. I’ve never been known for being much of a survival expert. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you, “Yeah he’s not a survival guy.”

I only made it to like season three of The Walking Dead so I’m not sure how to handle the whole zombie situation, I don’t know how to spot Poison Ivy, and I only own one gun and maybe ten bullets. I assume these will be key wrinkles to iron out if Mr.Un decides to get frisky.

I wonder how that conversation plays out between Trump and Kim. Yeah I called him Kim. Not so scary when ya call him Kim is he?

Trump: It’d be wicked cool if you could chill with the nuke stuff.

Kim: Yeah I’m down, but in exchange I’m gonna need to know how you got Stormy Daniels in bed with you.

Trump: Deal.

Boom. Earth saved and I don’t need to stress over the whole poison ivy issue.