I’ve had some success placing a few bucks in the sporting world. I’ve had some failures. I’ve never lost my car, a bookie has never broke my legs, and my wife has never been up at night crying because we don’t know how we will eat next week. There are a lot of negative stigmas that surround sports gambling and I would like to lay them to rest.

Sports betting is no better or worse than a guy investing in a company he’s never seen or putting seeds in the ground and hoping it rains. They all involve risk and they all involve cash. The only difference is the perception and sports gambling being illegal due to ignorance.

If I go home and tell my parents I selected a portfolio of companies for me to invest in, they will probably hug me and be proud of how I am growing into a fine young gentleman.

If I go home and tell the family I put a Benji on the Yanks at +550 to win the World Series they will most likely cry when I leave and pray for a change to come for my wicked ways.

Why? It’s the way things have been shown in the media and entertainment world. The image society has of those who bet on sports is a guy going to visit a goon in an ally; who is smoking a cigar and ready the kill your family when you don’t pay up.

Not at all how it is.

I literally sit on my couch in my boxers, push some buttons on my phone and boom. Done.

Not everyone out here is betting their mortgage or light bill. The majority of us are throwing chump change at a Southern Miss vs Marshall game to give us a reason to care about who wins or loses.

Not everyone who fires up a cigarette will be a life long smoker. Not everyone who takes a drink will beat his wife in a drunken stupor. Not everyone who puts a few bucks on a game will piss away his family financials and live in a box.

Judge less. Understand more.