An NHL team is required to dress two goalies a night. In the event that a goalie goes down before a game and they can’t get a minor leaguer to the rink in time, the team may enact the Emergency Back Up Goaltender (EBUG). To sum it up, the team basically picks anyone to suit up, sit the bench, and be the back up to the back up. But if the back up was to go down during the game, that Joe Blow EBUG is about to get his one shining moment.

The EBUG is typically an equipment manager or someone the team knows around the organization but nothing is stopping them from picking you out of the stands and having you suit up.

The EBUG isn’t a rule that sits in the book and is never used.

EBUGs who have suited up for N.H.L. teams in recent seasons include Nathan Deobald, a Calgary drama student who was on the bench for the Edmonton Oilers in a game last season against the Vancouver Canucks. In 2008, the Washington Capitals dressed their Web site editor, Brett Leonhardt, against the Ottawa Senators until a farmhand arrived midway through the first period. And in 2003, Chris Levesque, a British Columbia college student, found himself in a Canucks uniform for a game.

This is easily the greatest rule in all of sports.

Could you imagine being that guy if the back up was was to go down? You go from selling popcorn, to being on an NHL bench, to trying to stop 95 mph slappers against the worlds best.

That would be the greatest day in the history of days.

I would be obnoxious going onto the ice. I would flip off the other team on my way to the goalies crease. Once I got there I’d slap the ice and hit my chest multiple times to let everyone know I mean business. As soon as they drop the puck my gloves are coming off and I’m going straight after the biggest guy I can find on the ice.

He’s going to pummel my face into hamburger meat but I will be a legend, and legends never die.