It has to be a strange feeling to decide to wash your hands of the rest of the season and decide to tank. Yet every year you’ll see a team start dropping games in an effort to get a higher draft pick. The ’84 Rockets did it for Ralph Sampson, the 03′ Cavs tanked for LeBron, the ’97 Spurs tanked for Tim Duncan.

This year is no exception. The Chicago Bulls have reportedly received a warning because of their obvious tanking attempts.

The Bulls have reportedly received an odd warning from the NBA. According to Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports, they’ve been told by the NBA they’ve been resting healthy players too much. In other words, Chicago has been tanking too blatantly and the NBA wants the Bulls to cut that out. This means playing Robin Lopez and Justin Holiday more often.

Teams are going to tank and ultimately I’m not sure there’s much the NBA can do about it. (Unless you’re obvious about it like Chicago.)

I just wonder what it would be like to play for those teams that do give up on a season. As a professional athlete the desire to compete and play to your highest level is thick in your blood. Your whole life quitting has never been the answer.

I’m not sure I would be able to look forward to a high draft pick. Especially if I was a player who’s job could be on the line when they harvest the new talent. Getting a new shiny rookie doesn’t seem like a nice reward for taking a bunch of L’s.

From a fan and owner’s perspective, I get it. Do what you gotta do to get back to the top. But as a player, I don’t think I’d be out there shooting the ball in the stands and passing the ball to a fan every possession.

It appears that you can just bench players that won’t play along with the franchise’s game plan but at the risk of getting a spanking by the NBA. So maybe the NBA will actually make it tougher to tank.

Why are teams wanting to tank this season any way? Beats the hell out of me. I’ve yet to see a player in college this season that looks like he could turn a franchise around.