Huffington Post

Staff at an animal shelter in Canada are stunned after a local family adopted a potbellied pig as a pet, then slaughtered and ate her weeks later.

“First reaction I’d say was shock. Heartbreak,” British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals employee Leon Davis told the CBC. “You know, all the animals that come through our care or branches we get attached to.”

Wow. What savages. Can you imagine filling out the paper work to adopt a pet pig knowing good and well in the back of your mind that you are about to slap an apple in his mouth, a stick in his ass, and slow roast him over an open flame?

“Be good to Molly, she’s so sweet!”

“Jokes on you dude, barbecue season is on the horizon!”

Shelter workers believed they were sending Molly to a great home. But weeks later, a local woman saw reports on social media indicating the couple had slaughtered and eaten Molly, apparently because they found keeping and training a pet pig to be more work than they could handle.

Yeah. No kidding. I’ve never owned a pig but I’m gonna guess the old saying “eats like a pig” is common for a reason. I’ve only seen a handful of those stinky jokers but every one of them had their snouts down going to chow town.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened. Can’t be. Anyone who has ever owned a pet pig, when it’s time on Earth was winding down, had to be looking around at the rest of the family like, “groceries are going up ya know…just a thought.”

I don’t understand the hype behind getting a pet pig anyway. If you own one you’re simply doing it to put on a show. Literally the only humans I know, that own a pet pig, are basic white girls being extra.

Get a dog. Be normal.

Pigs stink, they’re ugly as hell, they eat anything not nailed down and what they can’t eat they crap on.

Can you teach them tricks? I doubt it. Anything who’s brain fits in the same can they use to stuff Vienna sausages in isn’t out here fetching nothing for nobody.

Pigs are food. Not friends. Way to go Canada.