Every kid grows up wishing he had a tree house. Many shows and movies I watched growing up had kids living it up inside a treehouse with their squad. You would have thought they were common in every back yard in America.

My whole existence I’ve see less than five treehouses.

I never had one. Hell my yard barely had trees. My friends didn’t have one. We tried to build one once and quickly realized we didn’t have the required tools or the required initiative.

My kids won’t have a treehouse. They’ll be lucky if we still have a normal house when they’re born.

Apparently Shaq didn’t have one either, but he does now.

Animal Planet has a show called Treehouse Masters (because of how much tree houses have to do with animals ya know) and they built Shaq his dream tree house.

In the video you can see the 7’1″ 325lb behemoth of a human literally jumping for joy while hugging tree house builder, Pete Nelson. I can only assume this was the scariest thirty seconds of Pete’s life.

The video put a smile on my face. It’s nice to see the big fella get so excited about fulfilling a childhood dream.

All we need now is a live feed of Charles and Kenny coming over for poker night.