Imagine you are sitting in a room with your girlfriend and twenty nine other guys. The only conversation being had in the room is those twenty nine guys talking about how much they would enjoy doing the boom boom with your girlfriend. She says nothing and even smirks at the conversation.

Put yourself in those shoes. Feel that awkwardness. Soak up the frustration.

That is exactly what is going on with LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers right now.

The rumors have been non stop all season of possible LeBron destinations when the season ends and LeBron has done nothing to put an end to these rumors.

Meanwhile, Cleveland feels like the kid who brought the hot chick to prom and watched her dance with other guys all night.

Recently, a fan in Philadelphia rented billboards to attempt to steal LeBron’s heart.

To which LeBron responded by saying, “It is actually very flattering.”

LeBron is the attention whore I thought he was.

Say the billboards are a distraction. Deny rumors and talk about how focused you are on winning another championship in Cleveland.

Say anything but how flattered you are you pompous prick.

I don’t even like Cleveland for the temper tantrum they threw the first time LeBron left. But at this point I feel so awkward on their behalf. When “The Decision Part 2” happens I’m going to Cleveland to help burn jerseys.

That’s not true, I wouldn’t be caught dead in Cleveland.