My alarm this morning was a notification from ESPN informing me Kentucky was linked to the FBI probe. Was I shocked? No. Were you? Really? It had been made pretty clear that schools with Hall of Fame coaches (check) and players drafted in the first round over the past few years (multiple checks) were going to be in the report. So no, forgive me for not being too shocked to see Kentucky involved.

Three players, as you know by now, were listed in the report; Nerlens Noel, Bam Adebayo, and Kevin Knox. It seems that Noel and Knox’s involvement is relatively minor at the moment but Bam’s raises some serious questions since he received money before stepping foot on Kentucky’s campus.

Ultimately though, I’m not sure how much we should really care yet. The NCAA has a history of lackluster performance in the punishment department. Also, with cash cows like Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Michigan State and Kansas involved how big of a financial hit do you think the NCAA wants to take with penalties such as post season bans? That is just the blue blood schools, there is still a truck load of schools named who regularly attend the NCAA tournament as well.

When one student takes a crap in the floor, suspend him. When the whole class drops their pants and craps in the floor, what are you gonna do? Suspend them all? No, call in the janitor and clean it up.

College basketball is in severe need of a janitor.

The most enjoyable part in all of this is that no fan base can really say a damn thing to another fan base because we are all in this together like one big corrupt family. It’s almost a beautiful thing.

Except Louisville. You guys still bought hookers for kids. Don’t forget it.

This report is far from over and I’m sure more heads will roll as the next few weeks come to pass and my anxiety may increase as that happens. However, for now, I can honestly say I have little concern and you shouldn’t either. There is just not enough known, yet, to be concerned about. But, just for good measure, I say as an act of cooperation and good faith we self vacate the 2012-2013 season.

Even if everyone checks out clean, let’s go ahead and self vacate the 2012-2013 season.